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Customize your school masks to keep your students and faculty safe.

Face masks have become an essential accessory in our daily lives. Our MEDATAC V90 2ply EasyBreath Filter Masks provide the highest level of protection with its integrated 99.85% bacterial filtration efficiency, while ensuring breathability and maximum comfort. We specialize in sublimated design, allowing you to fully customize your mask to your unique school branding.

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Our masks are handcrafted in Canada. Our production timeline from receipt of order is guaranteed within 14 business days.

Mask Specifications

- Outer layer knit polyester with water resistant coating Mid layer melt blown filter with a 99.85% PFE rating

- Soft inner next-to-skin knit polyester comfort layer

- Wipeable outer layer

- Pliable nose clip

- Machine Washable

Product Information
  • Outer Fabric Layer: 100% knit polyester layer with water resistant coating -- 95g/m2 guaranteed to last up to 60 washes
  • Middle Layer: Integrated non-woven melt blown filter 99.85% PFE rating -- 120g/m2
  • Inner Layer: 100% knit polyester -- 105g/m2
  • Country of Origin: 100% MADE IN CANADA
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