Our masks are handcrafted in North America. Orders are guaranteed delivery within 2 business days.

Masks have become an essential accessory for an active daily lives. Designed with integrated filters that block 98% of airborne particulates and adjustable ear pieces that eliminate discomfort behind the ears. medATAC masks are designed with purpose for all-day protection.

Mask Specifications: 
- Melt blown polypropylene filter with a 99.85% PFE rating

- ASTM level 3 test standard protection rating 

- V-Block antimicrobial exterior fabric treatment  

- Customised fit with adjustable ear pieces

- Wicks moisture and dries quickly

- Extremely lightweight and highly breathable

- Pliable nose clip 

- Machine washable 

Product Information
  • Outer Fabric Layer: 100% knit polyester layer with water resistant coating -- 95g/m2 guaranteed to last up to 60 washes
  • Middle Layer: Integrated non-woven melt blown filter 99.85% PFE rating -- 120g/m2
  • Inner Layer: 100% knit polyester -- 105g/m2
  • Country of Origin: 100% MADE IN NORTH AMERICA
  • Machine-wash safe at 60ºC/130ºF. Recommended delicate cycle and less than 30 mins washing program.
  • How to Clean: It is recommended to wash the medATAC filter mask with hot water (60ºC/130ºF) to ensure total disinfection.
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